Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sharga depression

Location: Tonkhil
Counter: 1410 kms

(Entry written on saturday 8th, but internet connection was too low. I'm now in Bulgan-Khovd, I did it!?! I put here only the text and will try to upload the pictures as soon as possible.)

What a great trip! I love you Mongolia, and will definitively miss you...

Here are some pictures of the Sharga depression. A beautiful ride of 6 days: one to come inside, five to find an exit ;)

Desert, mountains, rocks, lots of sand, and THAAAAAAAT much of fun. What a great experience! I feel definitively alive, eat for four and enjoy to fall asleep in the tent in five stars spots!

It was the occasion to meet camels and antelops, the only animals to see in the desert. Camels are quite curious, come near to see what happens, and then run away quickly when they understand. They have a pretty cool and esthetical gait. Antelopes run kilometers away when they see something wrong coming.

And I saw wolfes in a canyon where I got lost, in the Darviyn Nuruu (mountains). They saw me first, but I had time to see three of them, two adults and a young. They ran away 200 m in front of me. I was riding with music (Deftones, thank you guys!?!) full volume in the pocket of my shirt, as I was told to do in those kind of places. All the specialists told me that a wolf would never attack man, so I trusted them, but I got f****ck*ng scared...

I saw one jeep in 5 days, and that was all! Inside: 4 men, on their way to "shoot some wolves in the mountains". It was 11am, and they were totally drunk. Proud to show me the first two empty vodka bottles. We opened the third together, and I had to politely refuse the second shot ;)

I'm now seating in front of the mighty Altai mountains, the next and last pleasure before China. See you in a few days in Bulgan!


PS: big up for Katia & Hugues, who just turned parents! Welcome on Earth, Andreas!
Thank you Hugues for all that we did together, I wouldn't be here without it!

Beginning of the Darviyn Nuruu, in the morning light.
Camels in the morning sun, Sharga depression.
On my way to Sharga soum (village)
I slept here! Sand is really comfortable... Sharga depression.
I rode two days, dreaming of a fresh drink and some food in this village, shown on the map. Fail!
View from the tent, after great cooking, and before a good night! Darviyn Nuruu.
Darviyn Nuruu, where the road goes good.
Darviyn Nuruu. 


  1. Hi Maxime, awesome! It's great to see you are having so much fun. I love the pictures. Do keep them coming! Seems like you are putting that little camera to some very good use! Stay safe!

    1. Salut Stefan!
      Thank you for the camera. It had a few bad days last weeks, but it seems to have found a second life...
      Es hat mich sehr gefreut Dich wieder zu finden, danke Dir für die gute Momente diesem Jahr!
      Liebe Grüße an Euch 4

  2. très heureuse d'avoir pu te parler aujourd'hui, merci.
    Reprends bien des forces en Chine, en redécouvrant la saveur des fruits et légumes!
    en espérant recevoir d'aussi belles photos...
    Je t'embrasse. mamkitem